Photo Album Site Words

I found this photo album the other day and I forgot we even had it but this is a really great and inexpensive project. We made this photo album a long time ago. My son was 3-years-old in these pictures. He is now 18-years-old, just graduated high school, and is doing really well. However, back in 2005, I was worried! He was speech delayed and didn’t start talking until he was 4-years-old, in fact he did a lot of screaming. I asked him about the screaming about 10 years ago and he informed me that he never screamed and remembers it as talking. When your child has delays, you worry about their development and it seems like everyone around you has different theories about the problem. We were very lucky that he grew out of most of his difficulties but this project was one of the things he responded really well to and would be great for all kiddos.

This project is so simple! Step 1. Take pictures of your child doing things they enjoy doing, with toys they enjoy, or with people they know. We went to our favorite park and took pictures with him playing on the equipment. We brought toys to play with and we found other features he enjoyed.

Step 2: Print the pictures. I just used regular paper because I don’t even remember if there was photo paper in 2005 but if I was doing this project today, I would use photo paper.

Step 3: Put your photo album together. I think we got this at the dollar store and covered it with some nice foil paper. Decorating the cover could be another fun activity, however, we didn’t do that because I didn’t think of it at the time.

Step 4: Add the site words. I used Post Its but you could do something cuter like using a label maker or alphabet stickers. Really you could just use a Sharpie on the picture directly. We made word cards for all over the house back then because we were constantly practicing our words.

Step 5: Look through your photo album and talk about the words with your child. My kid, like most kids, loved looking at pictures of himself. He loved sitting on the my lap, looking at the pictures, and talking about everything going on in them, and of course, I loved it to. We made many tools like this to help my son with his speech, but as a plus, since we included site words for 2 years, along with a lot of reading, he was ready to start kindergarten right on time and was an early reader.

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