Books I Love (for mom)

“Love Ever After” by Monica Exley

If you are looking to leave the world behind, this book provides the rollercoaster, getaway you need. The story flows along like a river with a kooky main character and an unconventional love story. You will be swept up in the lighthearted fun and then all of a sudden you are hit with a shocking and thought-provoking twist. Before you know it, you are thinking about and dealing with a delicate issue that changes everything. A book that is difficult to think about asks difficult questions and may provoke people to take action about difficult issues. Most of us live day to day in our own bubble and bury our heads in the sand but we need to be aware of what goes on in the world even when it’s not pretty.

Sophia is quite a handful. She is like a friend that you need to have a heart to heart with because she is so detrimental to her own life. However, she is a sympathetic character who pulls on our heart strings. This book is an original and not to be missed.

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