We had the best time at Bearizona last weekend. It is the perfect place to take kiddos of all ages. There is a drive through area and then they have a walking zoo as well. It’s so much fun to watch the animals in their almost natural habitat. You can find Bearizona just outside of …

Am I A Bad Mom?

Have you ever felt like a bad mom based on your child’s behavior? Every child has a different personalty and some are more difficult than others. I hope this video helps restore confidence in parenting to those who have lost it.

Father’s Day Fun 2021

We all know how important mom is to the family but what about dad? Dads don’t always get the same fanfare but here are some ideas on how to make dad feel important by creating a fun day for the whole family.

Our Fun Day At Butterfly Wonderland

If you find yourself in the area of Scottsdale, AZ, spending the day at Butterfly Wonderland is a must! My very talented 9 year-old niece took most of the photos in the video. She was very inspired and also spent time logging all the different butterflies. My 6 year-old niece was on a quest to …

Popcorn Book Club – We Have Gourmet Popcorn!

We have an exciting announcement, we are now selling gourmet popcorn. We have 21 flavors with a combination of sweet and savory goodness. Let me explain what I mean when I say flavor. The sweet popcorn has a thick, crunchy, candy coating bursting with caramel, fruit, or birthday cake, etc. The savory popcorn is coated …